I would like to book a show to run on a regular weekly/fortnightly basis, what should I do?

That is great, all you need to do is contact us by completing the online enquiry form and one of the team will ontact you to discuss your requirements further.

What sort of comics can I expect?

The comics that we select for your venue will be decided based on the information you submit at the time of booking.
Each booking/Venue is serviced individually and that is why we request the information about the typical type of customers at your venue. It is advised that the comedy show is advertised as aged 18 or over and your audience should be prepared for some adult content and strong language. The easily offended should perhaps not attend a live comedy club evening.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Preparation is one of the key elements of a successful night so the more the notice the better as far as we are concerned. However, if this is a last minute decision then that is fine also. You can pay your booking service fee over the phone by credit (extra charge of 5%) or debit card (no charge) and we can have a line-up booked for you within 2 working days.

What do you mean by “minimum budget” for the acts?

You have the freedom to decide your budget for all the comedians as a total.
We have set a minimum price to guarantee you a certain quality. Obviously the higher your budget the better calibre of act we will book in for your night. We will decide on the fee per act depending on who we book and then we will let you know exactly how much you have to pay each act on the night. This system is totally transparent and there are no hidden costs.

Why do I have to pay your booking service fee up-front?

Our booking service fee is payable in advance because all the services we offer are done in advance of your show. From inclusion on our website, to the booking of the acts for your show. These services will not be complete and your line-up will not be confirmed until the booking service fee is paid.

Why can’t I pay the acts after they have performed?

Part of our terms & conditions are that the booker pays the act before they have performed. Unfortunately there have been a few incidents in the past that have led to this condition.

I only really want 1 comedian to perform – how can I book this?

A one comedian performance is classed as a Corporate or Private gig. These types of gigs are considered harder for 1 comedian to do and therefore their fees would increase accordingly.
Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

Why do I need a microphone, stand and PA system?

We have set these minimal tech requirements to ensure that your night is as professional and enjoyable as possible for both your customers and the comedians performing on the night. The better time they are having, the better it is for your customers and this is key for repeat custom.

What time should I expect the comedians to arrive?

The comedians will be given an arrival time of approx 45 minutes prior to your show start time. If a comedian is stuck in traffic or delayed at all they will contact you to inform you of their ETA.

Do I need to provide anything for the comedians?

Quite often the comedians will have travelled for a good couple of hours to get to you so an offer of a drink and snack would be greatly appreciated. A little kindness goes a long way. Also, some comedians may want to change/chill out prior to their performance so an area away from the customers is always appreciated. Apart from that, they should be good to go.

Do the comedians need to do a sound check?

No. Because of the simplified tech requirements comedians will be able to simply turn up and perform. All set up and testing of equipment is your responsibility and organisation is an important element in making your comedy night a success.

Not everyone will be seated during the show, is that a problem?

In an ideal situation everyone will be seated but we know this is not always possible at the more intimate venues. All we ask is that any persons standing does so with respect of all persons seated and the comedians performing.  Movement and talking should be kept to a minimum and where possible, the show should be performed well away from the bar area of your venue. If you have a separate area entirely such as a function room, that would be ideal.

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